October 14, 2020 Stats

On 10/14/2020:

Judge Vittoria presided.

21 people’s cases were heard (15 during the morning docket and 6 during the afternoon docket).

Based on the information available to us via Casesearch records, 16 (76%) are Black, 12 (57%) are under the age of 30.

The state asked for 11 people to be held without bail (“HWOB”) , agreed to private (paid) home detention for 7, agreed to ROR (release on recognizance) for 1, deferred to Pretrial Services for 1, and did not make a presentation in the final case of the day, which was just a defense postponement request. State’s HWOB percentage in the 20 cases where they presented: 55%

Pretrial Services recommended HWOB for 7 people, private (paid) home detention for 9, ROR for 4, and did not make a recommendation in the postponement mentioned above. Pretrial’s HWOB percentage: 35%

Judge Vittoria ordered 10 people to be held without bail, released 5 to private (paid) home detention, ordered 3 ROR, and postponed 2 cases, including the one mentioned above. In cases where the state made a demand on bail, Judge Vittoria acquiesced to those demands 63% of the time. Judge Vittoria’s HWOB percentage: 50%

Our live thread from the 10/14/20 morning docket is here.

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